This is the homepage of the global SenseCan IoT Research Group. We are a vibrant group involved in focused research on Sensor Networks and Internet of Things. Our work encompasses an entire spectrum of activities which includes addressing theoretical and practical issues to building cutting-edge products.

Our research in news!

Wireless Sensor Knowledge Archive (Wisekar) “1. Multimodel Geovisualisation System for Sensor Networks – The Wisekar website allows a citizen to register their optical details… 2) mASK-mobile advisory for Krishi-Farmers can interact with experts through Wisekar by sending the photos of their disease ridden plants…” -IIT Delhi Open House

Wireless Sensor Networks for Animal Managment ”Sensor Network plays an important role in animal management – at the 65th anniversary of the society of agricultural statistics at NDRI Karnal” -Dainik Bhaskar – Karnal

A Gait Assessment System for the Elderly “…a prototype electronic device that can assess a person’s walk, posture and knee movements, detect a fall and allow such information to be delivered via a wireless network to a remote observer. The device, to be worn as an armband, can also provide information about the wearer’s exact location within a large apartment complex.” -Telegraph