Cambridge Multimodal User Modelling Web-service

We provide a RESTful interface for the SOAP-based StyleSelector Cambridge Multimodal Service developed by Dr. Pradipta Biswas. The RESTful adaptor interface hosted here for the service has been developed by Dr. Sanat Sarangi. Please Sign Up with the Cambridge Multimodal Service in order to use it.


Right-click and view page source of UMTest4 to see the switch-case used with the stylecode to set page properties.

StyleSelector invocation example
Click to get the appropriate stylecode. Alternatively, copy the url to the Destination address bar at with the method set to “GET” and press “Launch Request” to get the web-service result.

Use case
A multimodal application that uses the web-service is available here. Right click on the homepage and select “view (page) source” to see how the multimodal service is used.