• Design and development of a integrated locomotive driver warning system for preventing elephant collisions [DST and Indian Railways]
  • Pilot village level development of a wireless sensor network based animal management monitoring scheme for rural/semi-rural dairy operations [DST and NDDB]
  • IU-ATC (India-UK Advanced Technology Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, Systems and Services) for the eHealth (Pervasive Sensor Environments) and eAgri (Rural/Distributed Services and Applications) work-packages. (Wisekar) [DST and EPSRC]
  • Development of a Wireless Sensor Network Based Automated Feed Uptake and Animal Development Monitoring Scheme for Semi-rural Dairy Operations [DST] [completed]
  • Development of Wireless Sensor Network for Animal Management (Site Link) [NAIP, ICAR] [completed] -Dainik Bhaskar – Karnal 
  • Development of a Wireless Sensor Network based Gait Assessment System for the Elderly under [TIE, DST] [completed] -Telegraph Report

Some Recent Publications

  • B. Mukhopadhyay, S. Sarangi, S. Kar, “Novel RSSI Evaluation Models for Accurate Indoor Localization with Sensor Networks” in Nat. Conf. Commun. (NCC 2014), Kanpur, Feb 28 – Mar 2, 2014. (link)
  • S. Kar, S. Sarangi, A. Bisht,“Fall Detection and Activity Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks”, Indian J. of Med. Informatics (IJMI), vol. 7, no. 3, 2013, pp. 128-139. (link)
  • S. Sarangi, S. Kar, “A Scriptable Rapid Application Deployment Framework for Sensor Networks” in Proc. Int. Conf. Advances in Comput., Commun. and Informatics (ICACCI 2013), Mysore, Aug 22-25, pp. 1035-1040. (link)
  • S. Sarangi, S. Kar, “Wireless Sensor Knowledge Archive” in Proc. of Int. Conf. Electron., Comput. and Commun. Tech. (IEEE CONECCT 2013), Bangalore, Jan 17-19. (link)
  • V. Rao, S. Kar, “Design of a Novel Light-weight Hardware Module for Wireless Programming of Resource-constrained Embedded Systems”, 4th International Conference on Computer and Communication Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, 2012. (link)

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