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Wisekar presented at IEEE CONECCT 2013! Link

"It is a centralized web repository for collection, management and distribution of events from sensor-enabled devices towards realization of the Internet of Things (IOT). Wisekar offers flexible multimodal event contribution methods adapted to a variety of user skill and requirement levels. Along with rich visualization capabilities, it is versatile in terms of its ability to extend and decorate events with XML based meta-data and images"

Learn more about RAPIDSNAP and Gaitsense

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Wisekar 2.0

This domain archives sensor derived information. Authorised users submit datasets in the form of Active Sets.

Active Sets allow users to contribute data through a well-defined API. The data in each Active Set is also supported by its meta-data that explains the structure, source and application of the data.

The Wisekar 1.0 is availabe at following link. For more information, please contact Prof. Subrat Kar, IIT Delhi


At SenseCan IoT Research Group, we research all issues in Internet of Things (IoT) which broadly covers sensor networks, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, application frameworks, human-computer interfaces, cloud computing & application profiling, big data and related real-life applications.

In addition to Wisekar, we have developed a RAD framework - RAPIDSNAP - for rapid deployment of sensor network applications. Many localization and routing algorithms for sensor networks have been integrated with RAPIDSNAP. Gaitsense, a sensor network developed by us for medical application, is now RAPIDSNAP-compatible! We are building many more exciting systems for IoT.

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