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Wisekar Multimodal
Environment Visualization System

India-UK Advanced Technology Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks, Systems and Services.

Workplan Theme 2 : Pervasive Sensor Environments

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This domain archives sensor derived information. Authorised users submit datasets in the form of Active and Passive Sets.

Active Sets allow users to contribute data through a well-defined API whereas Passive Sets are compressed datasets uploaded by users in a form convenient to them. The data in each Active or Passive Set is also supported by its meta-data that explains the structure, source and application of the data.

Wisekar Pervasive Sensor Environments Platform went live on 7 September, 2011.


"The India-UK Advanced Technology Centre (IU-ATC) of excellence in next generation networks systems and services is a virtual joint research initiative which will put in place a focused agenda to support collaborative Ph.D, Post Doctorate projects and joint research programs, and technology transfer between the UK and India".

"The IU-ATC consortium gratefully acknowledge the core funding it has received from the Research Councils UK Digital Economy Programme managed by EPSRC and the matched funding received from the Indian Government Department of Science and Technology for Phase 1 of this project".



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